Brother Bing’s Guide To Surviving A Bear Market

June 2022

Tech giants have become tech dwarves in China in the wake of COVID and a government crackdown on cutting-edge tech

April 2022

Think like a VC; Execute like a community member; Build a ‘full-stack people network’

February 2022

plus da bing's favorite memes

December 2021

If culture is capable of anything, then it is finding that which unites us all It’s been a while frens. Since writing on a weekly basis has become…

September 2021

The recent China crypto ban and its implication
been a while. let's talk about NFTs

July 2021

no wonder crypto didn't escape, either
Will I see you in Paris?
What's everyone's Plan B?

June 2021

one analysis + three hot takes
Continue Capital's diamond hands and belief in the long-term prospects of crypto have made it one of the most successful Chinese venture firms in the…